Tuesday, 26 April 2011

It's hard for many people to believe that there are extraordinary things inside themselves, as well as others. I hope you can keep an open mind.

No 452 - Unbreakable
Director - M Night Shyamalan


I'm so sorry people. I've been busy. Bloody busy. Caught up on all those award winning films that I missed and was also introduced to Indian cinema (not Bollywood though....)


Watch ROBOT..... it is insane


Unbreakable. Think back to when Shyamalan was fresh and exciting. Here he has given us a wonderful idea. Placing the superhero concept into the real world. Only, PROPERLY in the real world. We're not talking about Batman Begins.... we're not talking about Kick Ass... we're talking about the actual real world, where a superhero probably wouldn't even realise they had special powers.

The film follows that journey of discovery as Willis' David Dunn slowly learns what his powers are. The moments of discovery are almost all universally great. Whether the grand scale of the train crash at the heart of it, or the subtlety of Dunn's realisation that he's never been ill. They're beautifully underplayed. Subtle and elegant (a characteristic which is lost in later Shyamalan films.... though I do have a soft spot for Lady in the Water). The highlight, for me, being the moment he is with his son - bench pressing and simultaneously learning of his strength. It has a joyful playfulness throughout and the way that the initial concern fades to delight.

The journey has pitfalls throughout, and there are some really tense scenes which I don't want to spoil - but the hero worship from Dunn's son, and the problems which arise, are very powerful cinematic moments.

Despite this journey of discovery being the crux of the film, Dunn seems like a very one dimensional character. Only a one dimensional character with cool powers. The real focus, should be on Samuel L Jackson's Elijah Price. Brittle boned, bitter and the film's link to the comic book world which inspired it.
His character is fleshed out through flashbacks. It is his persistence and his research which drives Dunn's journey and therefore you need to know what makes him tick. As the film progresses (and reaches the traditional SHOCK reveal), that understanding and knowledge becomes all the more important.

The other thing that's important to notice is that despite everything (and Price is a bitter, sulky, grumpy little crippled man) - Samuel L Jackson still comes off looking like a total badass.

Seriously.... I think that man is impervious to uncool.

The film is at its best when Jackson is there. Manipulating events and forcing Dunn to question himself, and for the most part, he keeps the film fresh and fascinating.

However, the film isn't ALL about discovery.... once the action kicks in it does lose its ways a bit, but there are still the same nice touches which have been throughout. It could have just done with being about 20min shorter.

Right - I'm going to watch more films with The Superstar Rajni now.... The man is like a God out there.

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