Saturday, 5 February 2011

"Now there's a school that self-destructed, not because society didn't care, but because the school was society." Now that's deep

No 412 - Heathers
Director - Michael Lehmann

So.... another film which I've never seen and which is hyped (subliminally, every day) by a filmy person what I massively respect... This time the excellent Blog Your Turn Heather.

This is the pitchest of black comedies in the most ludicrous of '80's get ups. I mean seriously, seriously 80's

It is a story which has been echoed time and time again (the most obvious example is Mean Girls... which is also excellent, but which borrows an awful lot from Heathers) - however, whilst we get the same old story of the popular kids and the people who subsequently become popular.... whilst we learn that power corrupts.... we get another little element

In order to pull these multiple murders off they're covered as suicides and fortunately happen in the most accepting and glib town ever. No one really seems to bat an eyelid as people die left right and centre... the glibness runs through everyone, not just the children... but even the priest is glib about it.
However of course the funerals will be glib - the priest at these funerals is Glenn Shadix (who, I just discovered, tragically died last year aged only 58) - A man who seemed to be king of the 80's and early 90's bit parts and who was also in the weird and underrated Carnivale, and the man who is pretty much the king of being glib and bitchy.
And.... we have some withering put downs throughout...This is the film to check out if you like sharp and withering put downs or general smart alec comments.

But, the thing that I really wanted to comment on (because I don't want to go into too much detail on the deaths or the quotes - it'll cheapen the enjoyment of the film) is the IMPOSSIBLE YOUTH of the cast.
Look at them

I mean.... I know that Winona Ryder has been in films since the dawn of time and has always looked essentially the same.... And I know that Christian Slater is another smooth skinned freak... however in this film - they are breathtakingly beautiful.... the pair of them. Slater's JD also has this weirdly eloquent way of speaking that makes the gradual reveal of his homicidal insanity all the more impressive.... by the end they may be soot and blood smeared messes.... but they're still beautiful.

Wickedly funny and shockingly cruel.

A marvellous marvellous film.

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