Friday, 3 April 2009

Maybe it's my quaint small town morals but I won't do murder

No 323 - The Last Attraction
Director John Dahl (No relation....)

Sorry people, don't know if you've been paying attention or not but you may have noticed I've not been around much recently. Don't worry, I still love you- my laptop power lead has died, so I am now sat at Toby's laptop ready to get my blog on. Today is a TRIPLE WHAMMY of excitement.

And lo, we begin with The Last Seduction, a film that I had never heard of before it flumped through my letter box and a film that is so delightfully 90s in appearance and fashion (it was made in 1994 after all).

The film is about Bridget, a horrible horrible bitch, one of the last great Femme Noirs, played brilliantly by Linda Fiorentino. She is really hot in this film too (I'd only ever seen her in Dogma before) but I think that (worryingly) comes from the fact that she is so cruel. Don't like what that seems to say about me. She is a queen of manipulation and all this film really explains is how to get men to do what you want (its easy, the answer is sex). However as well as being a fantastic manipulator, she is also the most cliched New Yoiker I have ever seen. Full of cynicism and aggression and strong coffee. I think she even says "I'm walking here" at some point.... it i just ridiculous.
However, as hilarious as the world of 90s business is, it isn't as funny as when this world clashes with the world of early 90s small town America. Her initial annoyance with the friendly politeness of the town is ace (watch her grimace withe every 'hello' or 'good morning') it becomes far funnier when she settles in, with a job and a booty call, and small town America has to adapt to her New York wiley ways. The highlight of which has o be the visit by a Black Man, which becomes quite the talk of the town....

However of all the small town oddness, the character of Michael seems the strangest. He is picked up by Bridget and becomes her casual sex friend, and gradually over time is convinced to murder her husband. But she is INSANE. How desperate for sex must this fella be to go along with her outlandish tantrums and demands. Standing there in his horribly dated denim shirt he listens to Bridget complains about not being able to act out one little murder.... He wants to leave his small town and seek out a new life. Yet he stays for a controlling psycho. It really makes me feel sorry for the bastard!

This film is full of little nuances and moments of manipulation. And when the end comes and you see just how clever Bridget has been in getting her own way.... well you have to be impressed. So,it is no surprise to see that the bad guy (or gal) wins and she drives off in her limo, surrounded by piles of money before the critics roll.

Of course back in the dizzy world of 90 business, limos showed you were successful, rather than on a hen party or going to a 6th form ball

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